Hardcape & Rollover Theory

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Hardcape & Rollover Theory

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:02 am

What is HARDCAP (HC)?
We all know there are alot of items in RYL2 that can be upgraded at the blacksmith. Hardcap (also called phiscal cap) is the point where an item is at its maximum value, after that point things start to get dangerous. If you go past hardcap there is a chanse your item may rollover. Then the stat that rolled over will be back at his original F value. When does a stat roll over? That is what im about to explain...

How to determine an items hardcap?
The maximum that can be added to a stat (normal stat, non-HP/MP) is 4095. Every stat has a base value. This is the lowest F of that stat u can find. The hardcap for every weapon is:

4095+Base F

Take my 60 str sword for example. I'm upgrading 3 stats on it. The base F value's are:
Min dmg = 18
Crit = 0
Hit = 0

This means, my hardcapvalue's are:
4095 + 18 = 4113 Min dmg
4095 + 0 = 4095 Hit
4095 + 0 = 4095 Crit

Is hardcap the ultimate highest a stat can reach?
Well this is the interesting part. No it is not. It IS possible to go past your hardcap. My weapon is a perfect example. This is how it looked:

As you can see, 2 stats are awefully risky. You would say it is not possible to upgrade this weapon one more time, because both hit and crit will rollover. Yet, its not true.

This is how it works:
None of the above stats have went PAST the hardcap value. All stats are possible, all the stats are in the normal upgrading range. When a weapon is combined, the output of it can only contain stats that are possible and in the normal range. If a stat exceeded the hardcap value, it will return as a default F. Because all the stats on my weapon are in the normal range, it is possible to reset my weapon one more time. Onces resetted, you are 100% safe. A weapon will only rollover at the combine process.

How much can the hardcap be exceeded?
The maximum is one combine. Because after your stats have exceeded the hardcap value, they will rollover to F value's if you try to combine it. I'll show you what I have done:

Lets place all the stats in a sheet:
------------ Before last combine: - Hardcap:
min dmg ---------- 4100 ------------ 4113
hit ----------------- 4094 ------------ 4095
crit ----------------- 4095 ------------ 4095
At this point the combining was no problem because not one stat is PAST the hardcap value. Yes, even crit. Because it did not exceed the hardcap, it is at the hardcap. When its at 4096 it exceeds the hardcap by one.

------------ After last combine: --- Hardcap:
min dmg ---------- 4134 ------------ 4113
hit ----------------- 4102 ------------ 4095
crit ----------------- 4096 ------------ 4095
As you can see now, all 3 stats have past the hardcap value. If I try to combine this weapon one more time all 3 will rollover to F.

So the max of a stat is:
4095+Base F+one reset

In my case my dmg would be
4095+18+34 = 4147
Yet, at that point I didnt knew it so im stuck with 4134 dmg which is good enough.

Another example
My armor's def hardcap is 4095 + base F of 1 = 4096.

Last time I've combined it was at 4089, which is NOT past hardcap so did not rollover.
After that I added full def reset is 4089+34 = 4123.
Now def DID exceed hardcap, so if I combine this armor one more time def will roll.

I hope you all understand it now, basic rules are:
1, Determine your hardcap
2. Make your last reset as close to hardcap as possible
3. Combine it for the last time
4. Upgrade onces more and place 5 rubys, now your weapon will exceed hardcap.
5. DO NOT COMBINE ANY FURTHER, the output of the blacksmith will be an F.


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